Enjoy Japanese sake when you come to Japan

Finally, we can go on a trip.

How are you guys doing today??

It is getting so cold in Japan.

Many of you may have enjoyed traveling recently.

If you are planning to go to Japan, what brings you Japan??

Japan has many things make you come to.

Shopping, hot spa, cleanness, safety, and so on.

But the main reason is probably FOOD.

And most people enjoy alcohol drinks when you eat something in the restaurant.

You should try Japanese sake with the foods, maybe you have though.

How we order Japanese sake??

First of all, what you probably run into obstacles is language when you get in some restaurant.

Japanese people speak Japanese. Most of Japanese don’t speak English. Then how we order??

But don’t worry about it. I can show you how here. Let’s see.

When you order, you have to confirm if they have Japanese sake or not.

“Do you have some Japanese sake??”

You can say like this


Then you select the sake.

When you decide,

“I’ll have this.”


Roughly speaking, there are 3 ways to drink Japanese sake.

  1. HOT
  3. COLD

In Japanese, you can say

  2. HIYA

Just choose one of them when you order one.

If you like it and want same one


You want to ask recommendation??





You can picture you order Japanese sake in the restaurant, can’t you.

Oh I forgot most important ward.


You can say


You might also want to visit sake brewery.

Here is the article regarding sake brewery.

We help to spread sake culture to the world as well.


If you have any inquiry, just feel free to give a massage to us. We can help you to find great sake life for you all.

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