“The truly superb flavor of”“The Japanese traditional good-quality” SAKE to you

Import and Export oftraditional Japanese Sake

Where to buy sake?

If you are thinking of importing/exporting Japanese Sake, MUSUVI is
your best choice.The Japanese Sake we export are truly the ‘local’ ones which
you can buy only in Japan and cannot find anywhere else (i.e.not available for export).

What kind of sake?

The Sake brewers we get our Sake from use their traditional technic to produce their Sake,
and one of the brewers has over 300 years history as a brewer.
Each brewer uses its own technic to produce unique Sake, which we can
confidently introduce to Sake lovers overseas as totally new flavors with a
pleasant surprise.One of the Sake available at us was first produced back in
Japanese Edo period (1603 – 1868), while we also have Sake that was favored by
Toyotomi Hideyoshi who was the Japanese feudal lord during the 16th century.

Start where you are

We also export any major Japanese Sake that are already available
overseas. But we believe that it’s a good idea for you to import the
Japanese Sake that is not exported to your country yet, and
make a new boom of traditional Japanese Sake
in your local market while none of your competitors cannot access to them.
If you are currently selling, or planning to sell Japanese Sake, we assure
your satisfaction with our great Japanese Sake lineups and boost your
business with our successful import/export experiences.Should you be
interested in our Japanese Sake, feel free to contact us from the inquiry
form below.

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