Giant Capricorn Melon Cream Soda

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🍈Glico Giant Capricorn Melon Cream Soda🍈

Unique Japanese snacks

Savor the taste of Japan with Glico’s Giant Caprico Melon Soda Cream.

This special Japanese snack combines the sweetness of melon and the freshness of soda with light, fluffy chocolate. It’s the perfect treat for anyone wanting to try a new flavor or wanting to refresh themselves on a hot day.☺️

History of Glico Giant Caprico

Giant Caprico Melon Soda Cream


Glico was founded in 1922 and has since produced many popular products. Among them, the “Caprico” series has been loved by many people for many years.

★Appearance of Caprico★
The Caprico series first appeared in the 1970s and quickly gained popularity with its unique light texture and delicious flavor.

Caprico has evolved with the times, and various flavors and shapes have appeared. In the 1990s, “Giant Caprico” appeared, which was larger than the conventional Caprico and became popular as a more impactful candy.

★Connection with Japanese culture★
Loved by children and adults
Caprico is loved by a wide range of generations, from children to adults, because of its fun shape and deliciousness.

It is familiar in various situations such as school field trips, snack time, and festival stalls.

Popular as a souvenir!!!
It is popular as a souvenir both in Japan and abroad, and is often given as a gift that gives a sense of Japanese culture and the history of sweets.

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