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KAWAII plushies and
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KAWAII & Anime characters goods at Wholesale prices

We export world-popular Japanese-made KAWAII plushies (Sanrio, San-x, Amuse) and toys at Wholesale Prices.

Nowadays, the Japanese word ‘KAWAII’, meaning cute, is recognizable around the world.Besides, KAWAII culture is spread worldwide through Anime and character products, which have become products loved around the world.

We offer a diverse range of Anime merchandise, including plush toys, figurines, and other items that are currently popular overseas. However, some of these Anime goods are produced as premium items and are not intended for sale. As such, they cannot be offcially exported from Japan.

Further, KAWAII plushies, and other toy products, will not be resold or reproduced once they are sold out.Thus, those products you purchase and import from us will be ‘profitable products that nobody else is selling’ for you.

We offer wholesale sales of not only plush toys and figures, but also stationery, keychains, blind boxes, trading cards, and merchandise featuring licensed characters from popular anime such as Naruto, One Piece, Pokemon, and others.

If you have faced difficulties in importing plush toys, figures, or other merchandise due to licensing issues, or if you have been purchasing them at retail prices online due to their limited availability, please feel free to contact us for consultation. Our company has various routes to provide authentic Japanese plush toys and figures at wholesale prices, and we provide complete support for exportation.


Capsule Toys at
wholesale prices

There are a variety of Gashapon capsule toys in Japan. Gashapon has gained its popularity worldwide. We supply broad range of Gashapon capsule toys.

We also accept other requests: export of Gashapon vending-machines, export of made-to-order medals (coins) that are same in size as real 100YEN coins and therefore can be perfectly used at your Gashapon vending-machines.

Gashapon capsule toys are popular merchandise in Japan and have gained popularity worldwide. Every month, over 300 new products are released as Gashapon capsule toys.In addition to popular character merchandise, there are also rare items that are difficult to obtain due to their high demand.

Typically, Gashapon capsule toys are available for pre-order, but the pre-order periods are short, and it can be challenging to secure reservations in time for all items.Therefore, our company promptly obtains information on new products from nearly all Gashapon capsule toy manufacturers in Japan, aggregates them as catalog data, and provides them to our customers for reference. If you are considering sourcing and selling Gashapon capsule toys, please feel free to consult with us.

We provide up-to-date information and offer Gashapon capsule toys at wholesale prices, with complete support for exportation.


The manufacturers listed are just examples, so please feel free to inquire about other manufacturers.