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Japanese snacks have become popular worldwide in recent years, and among our exported products, snacks are the best selling item. Brands such as Glico and Meiji can be found in supermarkets around the world, and you may have seen them before. Our company offers competitive pricing for snacks, and we have two distinct strengths.

Strength 1

The Japanese snacks we handle have nearly full expiration dates, allowing for exporting. We do not sell inventory that has been in storage for a long time since receiving orders from customers. We place orders with manufacturers upon receiving orders from customers, and direct shipment from the production factory to the port is also possible, ensuring that snacks are exported with maximum remaining shelf life. If you have had the bitter experience of purchasing snacks at a low price but finding that the expiration date has considerably passed since they were manufactured, and there are very few days left before selling them in your own country, please consult with our company.

Strength 2

We can source limited-time and regional limited flavors. Famous Japanese snack manufacturers release various snacks for a limited time, and some snacks are sold only in specific regions. These snacks have unique flavors that are unique to Japan, such as matcha, chestnut, and plum, which cannot be obtained anywhere else. Moreover, most of the information about these limited-time and regional limited snacks is not available outside of Japan, so foreign buyers who import Japanese snacks often cannot access such information and cannot obtain limited-edition packaging snacks or snacks with special flavors. However, our company handles, sources, and exports these limited-edition snacks.


We export rare, traditional Japanese
snacks, limited to specific regions and

We handle traditional Japanese snacks and can export them worldwide. Traditional Japanese snacks refer to meticulously crafted snacks using artistic techniques, with vibrant colors and designs inspired by flowers, animals, and other motifs. These snacks have a history of over 100 years and have preserved their original flavors and ingredients.

In recent years, traditional Japanese snacks have been gaining attention internationally for their delicate flavors and unique cultural significance. While Japanese snacks were previously associated with cute and colorful packaging featuring popular characters, there is now a growing interest in traditional Japanese snacks that are still relatively unknown overseas. Our company can handle a wide range of local, traditional snacks from all over Japan, including rare and hard-to-find products that are not commonly exported.

We have noticed an increasing demand from buyers who are looking for unique products that are not available elsewhere, and who are not interested in price competition. If you are seeking one-of-a-kind products and wish to work with a company that specializes in exclusive items, please do not hesitate to consult with us.


The manufacturers listed are just examples, so please feel free to inquire about other manufacturers.