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About catalog

Do you only sell the products listed in the catalog of the snacks?

We can also handle products other than those in our catalog.If there is a product you are interested in that is not in our catalog, please send us the manufacturer, product name, or image.

What does "bulk order" mean? Does it indicate that the product can only be ordered in a few cases?

It means that if too many orders are collected, the quantity may be limited. You can order as many cases as you like, but depending on the product, Some products may be limited due to low production quantities or because production has not been able to keep up with the popularity of the product.

Why is there no mention of wholesale food prices in the catalog?

We do not list wholesale prices for food as they are subject to changes in raw material costs and vary based on order quantities.

I am looking for a specific licensor's product, but how and which catalog should I look at?

If you are interested in purchasing merchandise of a specific character, please inform our staff and we will gladly provide you with the appropriate catalog.

Are all items in the catalog new??

All our products are new, not used.

How can I find products in categories that are not in your catalog?

Catalogs for some manufacturers or categories are not available. Therefore, please send us a photo of the desired product and its JAN code, and we will confirm whether we can purchase it and provide you a quotation if possible.

Shipping policy

Could you ship out an available items immediate after ordering?

It takes about a week from the time we receive payment from the customer and place the order with the manufacturer to the time it arrives at our warehouse.

What is the lead time from order to arrival?

The lead time varies depending on the product and shipping method.

How are shipping fee calculated?

The calculation method of shipping fee varies depending on the shipping method, but generally, the amount is determined based on either the weight or dimensional weight."

What kind of repack-service is it?

Repack service is to consolidate products into a box by repackage in order to reduce the number of parcels and lower the shipping costs for customers.

Which side will arrange the forwarder?

If you have a forwarder that you work with, you can arrange for the shipment on your side. We are able to transact on EXW (Ex Works) Incoterms. If you don't have, we can also arrange for the shipment on our side.

What type of shipping do you typically do? Is it door-to-door?

We primarily provide door-to-door delivery. But for shipments by forwarder, it depends on the trade conditions.

Will your packages be shipped from the each manufacturers?

The manufacturer does not deliver goods directly to the customer.

Is there a labeling service?

We can generate labels in your desired language and format for a fee.

Can you calculate the shipping cost before I place an order?

We can only provide an accurate estimate of shipping costs once we actually receive the goods.

Since my address has changed, can you reroute it?

Once your parcel is already shipped from us then we won’t be able to assist you in rerouting your package. What you can do is to contact your local post office and request your package to be rerouted.

My parcel has been returned to Japan. What can I do?

If the package is returned for for a reason arising from a client (wrong address, etc.), we can ship it back to you as soon as we receive it, but you will have to pay the full shipping cost again.

Am I supposed to pay additional fee in my country?

We will do everything possible to avoid additional charges in your country. However, we have no possible way to influence the customs laws of your country. In some countries, you may have to pay taxes before receiving your package. Customs duties are not included in the total price of your order, so it is your responsibility to verify if you are subject to any duties or taxes.

About products

What are the regulations for importing goods and foods products from Japan?

Regulations for importing goods and food from Japan vary by country. Please note that regulations are subject to change, and it's necessary to confirm accurate information locally. However, we will do our best to offer assistance.

I would like to know about the expiration date of snacks and foods.

You can check the maximum expiration date of each product in the catalog, starting from the date of manufacture.At the time of delivery to our warehouse, more than 2/3 of that days remains.

Are expiration dates listed on all products?

Listed in them.In Japan, they are listed in the order of year, month and date.

Can I return the product?

If an item becomes unusable due to our failure, we will provide a refund or deduct the amount from your next invoice.

Can you send me a sample?

In principle, we do not provide samples.

Is it possible for you to provide the documents requested at the time of importation?

Some documents can be prepared, while others cannot. We recommend that you check with the customs office in advance to confirm which documents are required.

Is it always possible to secure a reserved number of items?

In most cases, products that are reserved before the deadline will be secured in full quantity. However, for certain items that are in high demand, there is a possibility of quantity restrictions being imposed.

Can I get tax exemption?

In case of transactions outside of the country, all prices are quoted excluding consumption tax.

Do you carry Halal-certified products?

We do not currently offer halal-certified products, but we can make suggestions for products that do not contain pork or alcohol in their ingredients.

Ordering policy

Is there a minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for each product is a half case or one case.

What is the process for placing an order?

For more information on the ordering process, please click here.

What is the minimum order amount?

While we do not have a minimum order amount requirement, we may decline orders that are consistently too small.

At this time I am considering ordering only one order, is it possible to place an order?

Of course, you can order on a trial basis.

Is it possible to pay in full before the order is shipped from Japan, rather than before the payment is placed or reserved?

Basically, full payment is required prior to placing an order or booking.


If I introduce someone to Musuvi and they place an order, is there any referral program or something similar for the referrer?

There is no such system in place.

Is there a discount for large orders?

Depending on the volume of orders we can also offer a discount.

What is the timing of payment?

Basically, we ask for advance payment at the time of order.

I would like to visit your company, and discuss details, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible.
Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Are there any chat applications available other than email?

Yes, there is.
We can message via Whatsapp, LINE, Messenger, and Instagram DM