We will start a wholesale of RC!

The RC we sell is a precise design, refined to the details and particular about the reality.

For the overseas clients who mainly sell RC at online stores and stores, are you looking for a supplier of safe RC for children?

Even though you can find high-priced RC for adults at a pro shop,
If you are looking for RC that you can stock with low price and meets Japanese safety standards, please contact us.

You can buy RC toys wholesale from us. These toys are not only suitable for children but also for middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults. You can line up our portfolio of products to be placed right next to the RC toys for kids in your store racks.

Our RC vehicle products include a lineup of popular RC cars in all sizes like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Benz and many more.

Recently the functionality of RC planes is improving at an enormous speed. The RC plans are now safe and easy to operate toys. Our RC planes hardly crash and allow the user feel at ease while having fun.

In recent years, RC toys that roam the sky are really popular. Amongst them are a huge variety of aeroplanes, gliders, helicopters, drones and many more – we offer wholesale of all of these items.

We also stock many RC items other than vehicles and planes that can be operated via RC: robots, dinosaurs, insects and many more. If you are wondering whether we stock a specific RC item – Do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

For price quotes and import inquiries please contact us.

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