Viewing Moon Event in Japanese autumn

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It’s getting cooler in Japan, how’s everyone doing?

The night gains more and more in the day as well so it’s time to enjoy our night time here! I would like to introduce you a special Japanese event we have in autumn.

Have you heard of Jugoya(the fifteenth night) ? It’s the day and we have an event where Japanese people enjoy watching the moon and some treats to go with this moon-viewing.

Why do we have this event at this time in a year? In autumn we can enjoy the moon shining bright and clear in the sky. The full or nearly full moon on the day is called Chushu-no-Meigetsu in Japanese.  The purpose of moon-viewing is to show thanks to the moon for great harvest in the year.

We also enjoy having some dumplings made from rice and taros which are offered to the moon as viewing the moon on the day.

This year’s Jugoya is on the 1st of October in Japan! It’s such a beautiful season to enjoy the moon! I hope you will enjoy viewing the moon with some treat outside!

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