The 5 Best Japanese sake to Drink in 2022

What is Sake?

Sake is made like beer, but it is drunk like wine.
Sake without carbonic acid is close to wine in alcohol content and tastes similar to wine, so in recent years in Europe,
sake is sometimes drunk as shokuchu sake instead of wine.
Until a long time ago in Japan, the taste of sake was secondary to the standing position of sake for getting drunk,
but now the technique for making sake is different from the old days,
and the number of people who enjoy those tastes is increasing.

How do you choose sake? Sake does not work with classic food pairings because it does not contain tannin and is low in acidity.
Harmony is more important than anything else, and matching the texture’s umami is more important.

5 Best Japanese Sake for Beginners and Gourmets

From here, I will introduce to you 5 of best sake that you can buy from us.
All of the sake can be enjoyed by beginners and gourmets.

1, THE

Easy to drink fruity flavor Sake, made only from rice!
This low-alcohol (7%) sake surely grabs the heart of white-wine lovers.
Good for party and dating, or any type of occasions. Best served at cold temperature on the rocks, or with Ume plum wine. You can enjoy the fruity aroma in Japanese rice wine!

2, Sake de swan

You will feel fresh fruit aromas, charming sweetness, and juicy, harmonious acidity.
Chill well to enhance the aroma, and the gentle sweetness and tartness will spread to a refreshing and pleasant lasting finish.
Enjoy on the rocks or in a short glass!!


The rice is produced with no pesticides and with the utmost care,
and the farmers want people to feel the natural taste of the rice and which is low-polished and the sake is made using edible rice to avoid wasting the rice even it requires a lot of work and costs.
It is filled with the nutrition of rice, so it is recommended for those who are health conscious.
Please enjoy the original taste of rice and the mild taste without an unpleasant taste.

4, EDO shiran

It is a sake that is said to have been loved by Hideyoshi Toyotomi, reprinted and brewed based on the books of that time.
This amber-colored sake is completely different from modern sake and it is very rich and sweet.
“Edo Shiran” name comes from the fact that it is a sake drunk before the Edo period (the Warring States period), so that does not know the Edo period.
“Shiran” means “do not know”.
Enjoy it with ice on the rocks as a dessert, with a sense of the romantic history.

5, Daiginjo”The”

Daiginjo “The”, produced by an all-handmade Sake brewery. The brewery made this Sake with the concept “The Sake that brewers want to enjoy at their home”.
Its rich aroma from rice and light & clean flavor can be enjoyed best when served at either cold or hot temperatures.
We hope this article was helpful for you!
Hopefully, you were able to find a sake that you suits your taste.

If you would like to know more about these sake, check out SAKURA TOWN or contact us!

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