Snacks Loved by Us Japanese

What kind of snacks did you use to eat when you were a child?

Are those snacks still loved by everyone you grew up with? Do you still eat those snacks until this day?

From my experience, I used to have lots and lots of chocolates and cookies when I was a kid. What I clearly remember is “Country Ma’am”. I used to eat it after I came back from school almost every day. That’s why I was a little bit fat when I was a kid maybe. Haha

Anyway, it is the most popular semi-soft cookie in Japan. Everyone loves it as I know and a Japanese manufacturer “Fujiya” produces it. They have a super good variety of snacks. If you google, you will find them. I am sure you will be attracted by them.

” Country Ma’am ” is the best one for me. I still eat them.

From kids to adults can enjoy the cookie. If you want a freshly-baked taste, you can simply warm this cookie in the microwave.

The standard flavors are vanilla and cocoa but many limited-edition flavors come out every year, and they have the cookie covered with chocolate recently.

I believe all chocolate lovers will love it.

If you have not tried Country Ma’am yet, just try it! I hope you will enjoy it 😉 Japanese snacks have unique and seasonable flavors too, so if you are interested, here is a link that tells you the famous snacks we have in Japan.

I will introduce them soon as well!

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