Suto Sake Brewery in Ehime

1, Sake made from Suto Sake Brewery

The Suto Sake Brewery is a sake brewery with a history of over 120 years located in Ehime Prefecture in the Shikoku region.

Ehime has the highest sacred mountain in western Japan, Mount Ishizuchi. Their representative brand, “Sukigokoro,” is a Japanese sake characterized by its soft taste brewed from the underground water of Mt. Ishizuchi.

To differentiate itself from other breweries, Suto Shuzo focuses on the production of “raw sake”. If you heat Japanese sake by “hiire”, quality control is easy and it lasts long.

Because it is not heated, you can enjoy sake with a fresher taste than usual. Basically, Japanese sake is heat-treated before shipping, so it is often sold in their own breweries.

Also, the water, rice, yeast and koji used in their sake are all from Ehime.

There are several kinds of the same brand, and the rice used is different. When you drink it, you will be surprised that the taste changes so much just by changing the rice.

One way to drink it is to compare the tastes and enjoy the difference.

2, Particular about their sake

In a sake brewery, there is a “toji,” a craftsman who is in charge of making sake. The “toji” is the leader of the brewing process, and every brewery has one at least.

However, this brewery has decided not to hire a “toji,” but rather to have the three male brothers take on the role of “toji” themselves.

The reason for this was that in the past, many toji were also fishermen, and seasonal work was common. Due to succession problems, the number of toji fell into decline.

Their father said, “In the future, it may become difficult to hire a toji. From now on, we must make our own.’ He decided.

Also, in the typical sake brewing process, several barrels are brewed at the same time, but this is not the case at Suto Sake Brewery. They demonstrate their commitment to efficiency by finishing the brewing of one variety of sake before starting the brewing of the next barrel.

They have one thought in mind. They want to make sake that they think is delicious,” and they devote themselves to sake brewing every day.

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