Sake brewery tour: What can we experience?

Do you know that sake brewery tours are enjoyed as one of the travel plans in Japan?
Here, I introduce what you can do with the sake brewery tour.

1.You can observe the liquor manufacturing process

In the sake brewery tour, you can learn about the sake manufacturing process while explaining the history of the brewery and the particulars of sake brewing.

Generally, sake is produced in sake breweries from November to February. If you visit at that time, you may be able to see the actual preparation.

2.You can taste Japanese sake

There may be many people who enjoy the sake brewery tour the most. In the sake brewery tour, after observing the sake manufacturing process, you can often sample the sake made in the brewery.

You may be able to drink and compare various types of sake little by little, which is a great opportunity to find out which one you like. By witnessing the brewery and manufacturing process in which the sake was made, each cup should feel more delicious.

3.You can understand the history of sake breweries

Japanese sake brewers are ranked in the top 10 long-established Japanese companies, and some breweries have a history of more than 500 years. Many sake breweries have a long history, so you can feel as if you have traveled back in time to various parts of Japan.

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