Sake-Based Liquor “Yuzuko”

・What is sake-based liquor “Yuzuko”?

When it comes to sake, plain dry sake is the mainstream not liquor, and the most famous brands are Dassai, Jyuyondai and Kubota.
However, low-alcohol drinks are becoming popular among young people recently.

Among them, SAKE-BASED LIQUOR, which is easy to drink like a cocktail, is very popular.

We highly recommend it for people who drink wine and cocktails all the time.

It is low in alcohol, so even people who don’t like to drink alcohol can try it as if it were juice.

・What kinds of taste is Yuzuko?

Yuzuko is a new type of sake made by combining Junmai-shu and yuzu juice.
The temperature and sunlight are ideal for yuzu cultivation, and since there are many dedicated farmers in Hyogo Prefecture, a lot of time, effort, and passion can be put into cultivating yuzu.

Also the Junmai used Yuzuko is made in Hyogo prefecture as well.
It has an elegant yuzu aroma and a well-balanced sweetness and acidity that spreads in the mouth, making it very easy to drink.

This sake is unlike any other sake you have ever tasted, so please give it a try.

・Finally about us

There are many unique and rare sake like Yuzuko. You can give it a try! If there is any Japanese sake you would like to carry in your store, please feel free to contact us!

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