Japanese Sake OEM service

making Japanese Sake
making Japanese Sake

We provide Japanese Sake OEM service.
OEM can make your own branded products.
There are two main types of our Japanese Sake OEM service.

1.You can change the label and bottle as you like.
2.You can choose from rice, which is the raw material of sake, and make only one Japanese sake in the world.

For 1, you can change the label and bottle from a minimum of 100 bottles.
You can choose your favorite base Japanese Sake.
The label can be of any design.
You can put your brand name and logo on it.

For 2, You can choose from rice, which is the raw material of Japanese sake, and you can customize the taste, aroma, capacity and design as you like.
It is also possible to add the specified juice to make a fruit liqueur.

In addition, you can choose your favorite region of Japan and specify a Japanese sake brewery.

Each region of Japan has its own characteristics.
We propose a lot of places where water is clean, warm areas, places where a lot of rice is produced, places where history is deep and it is projected on Japanese sake.

OEM benefits

You can make sake as a private brand and spread your brand all over the world.
Since it is possible to set a budget for each bottle and make it, it is possible to purchase at a lower cost than purchasing ready-made Japanese sake.

Recently we have refurbished the web page.
You can make OEM inquiries from the sake page.
And you can jump to the page from the link below.
You can easily tell us the Japanese sake you want to make in a selective format.

We also have EC store. You can purchase our original sake at SAKURA TOWN (https://sake-kampai.com/)

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