Japanese Sake and health.

Japanese Sake and health

Alcoholic beverages are perceived as unhealthy.
But there are also factors that can help your health.
I will share with you about Japanese Sake and health.

Good effect of alcohol

・Appetite is promoted
・Improves blood circulation
・Stress is relieved

Furthermore, since sake is made only from rice and jiuqu and does not contain any extra additives, you can see that it is not harmful to the body from the viewpoint of ingredients.

Of course, to be healthy, you have to enjoy a proper amount of alcohol.
Drinking too much is not good.

What is the proper amount of Japanese Sake?

The appropriate amount of Japanese Sake is said to be about 1 go (180 ml) a day.
This amount is calculated assuming that the alcohol content is 15%.
In other words, for sake with a frequency higher than 15%, it is better to have a little less.

Other alcoholic drinks may be said to be good for your health, but so is Japanese Sake and health.

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