Japanese Organic Sake “HOTARU”

・Have you ever tried Japanese organic sake?

Recently, organic boom is getting even popular all over the world, but I have never met good organic sake.

I’ve tried to drink some organic alcohol, but it’s not good taste. There must be many people who think the same as us.

For those who are looking for delicious organic sake, we were able to produce low-polished organic sake in cooperation with the brewery.

・Passion and Enthusiasm for “HOTARU”

Hotaru was born in a sake brewery in Gifu Prefecture.

In the northern part of Gifu Prefecture, there is the vast Northern Alps, including the Hida Mountains.

The clear streams flowing from these mountains form the rivers throughout Gifu Prefecture.

The high altitude of the mountainous areas keeps the temperature low, creating an ideal environment for sake brewing.

The sake brewery and the rice farmers have a very close relationship and are inseparable from each other.

The sake brewery has taken on board the rice farmer’s desire to let people know the true taste of the pesticide-free rice that he puts his heart and soul into growing.

Normally, sake rice is used to make sake, but “Hotaru” is made from edible rice, and is made with low polishing to avoid wasting the rice.

The low-milling process brings out the true flavor of the rice, and the rice is also packed with nutrients, making it a good choice for health-conscious people.

You can feel the mellow taste of the rice without feeling any miscellaneous flavors, and the original flavor of the rice.

・What is the best pairing food? What is the best situation to drink?

“HOTARU” has a moderate aroma and a dry taste, so it is perfect for drinking during meals.

It goes well with lightly seasoned foods such as sashimi and marinated octopus.

Since fireflies (HOTARU in Japanese) are living in places with clean water, “HOTARU” means that the sake is made from clean water.

Therefore, it is a drink suitable for outdoor activities that we would like you to enjoy it when you are barbecuing by a beautiful river or camping.

However, we also export it in B to C. You can purchase our original sake at SAKURA TOWN (https://sake-kampai.com/)

There are many unique and rare sake. You can give it a try! If there is any Japanese sake you would like to carry in your store, please feel free to contact us! https://www.musubi-jp.com/blog/contact/

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