How to store Japanese sake

How should we store??

When you get favorite sake, how you store the bottles??

In refrigerator?? Hallway in the house?? Maybe wine cellar.

Then which room is the best in the refrigerator??

To be honest, there is no correct answer.

I don’t want you to get confused.

Let’s see how Japanese sake gets aged.

Japanese Sake

In the first place, does Japanese sake have expiration date??

As you know, almost everything has expiration date.

How about Japanese sake?? Let me get straight to the point.

The answer is NO.  Japanese sake has no expiration date actually.

That’s why every bottle in Japan doesn’t have description of expiration date.

What Japanese sake bottles have on the label is manufacturing date.

The alcohol content Japanese sake has is enough high to disinfect itself that won’t be rotten.

But it doesn’t mean that is good no matter how we can store. Then let’s see how we should.

2 reasons that get Japanese sake deteriorated


One of most important things is to avoid high temperature.

If stored at high temperatures for long periods of time, the sake may give out degrading odor which is called “HINEKA”.

And rapid temperature change causes deterioration. It is ideal to store in the room which is constant room temperature throughout the year.

So what’s the temperature??

In terms of “Namazake” that is non- pasteurized sake, it is said freezing temperature is the best. In case of Japanese sake, it is 0℃ to -5℃ that doesn’t freeze.

However, it would be great at home, if we could store at 5℃ to 10℃.

2.UV rays

The second reason is UV rays.

Direct sunlight, as well as indoor lighting, can change the taste and aroma under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

That’s why there are many bottles that are black, brown, green etc to avoid UV rays.

You should store in the dark room.

Japanese sake tends to be thought an awkward item.

I don’t think how to store Japanese sake is that hard.

As long as you follow the rules I mentioned, you can enjoy more than ever.

And Japanese sake has to get more popular in the world if will spread knowledge of how to store Japanese sake.

We are trying to spread Japanese culture and products.

Just let us know if you are interested in import of Japanese sake.

We can work with you. Here is our page, check it out please.

You would like to make original sake??

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