God Buddha’s old sake “KAMIHOTOKE”

・God & Buddha’s old sake “KAMIHOTOKE”

What does “God and Buddha’s old Sake” mean?
In Japan, God is believed to be at shrines and Buddha is believed to be at temples.

God is “Kami” in Japanese, and Buddha is “Hotoke” in Japanese.
Then why is this sake named “KAMIHOTOKE”?

Because God and Buddha made this drink together? No way.
So this is what God and Buddha drank together for the first time?
If so, we are sure they must have been so excited and they forgot what kind of sake they drank.

The origin of the name comes from a book in a temple in Nara prefecture that describes how to make sake in ancient times.

Based on this recipe, they used yeast from a shrine in Nara, which is indispensable for making sake.

That’s why The sake is named “KAMIHOTOKE” because both God and Buddha are involved.

・What does “KAMIHOTOKE” taste like?

In recent years, the trend has been to use less rice when making sake, but the rice of this sake is hardly polished.

However it has a soft aroma and pleasant sweetness.

It is a rice-friendly sake that does not waste the rice that the farmers worked so hard to produce.

It is Love and Piece sake♡

・Finally about us

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