Sake-based Liquor “Umeko”

・What is sake based “Umeko”?

Umeko is a plum wine made based on Japanese sake.

Originally, Plum wine is a liquor made from green plums and sugar fermented in distilled liquor.

However, Umeko is a premium umeshu that has been carefully pickled for a year with a Japanese sake.

It is a method that does not use much sugar, so it has a refreshing new taste with less sweetness.

Also, the women on the label is cure, isn’t it?

・How to enjoy “Umeko”?

Normal Umeshu straight out of the bottle has between 15% ~ 20% ABV, which is pretty high.

However, the alcohol content of Umeko is about 10%, which is a little lower than usual.

Therefore, the best way to drink is to drink it straight.

・For the distributer want to offer new sake.

It can be recommended to those who are already offering plum wine at bars and restaurants.

Basically, it should be drunk it on the rocks or mix it with soda or water, but drinking Umeko straight provides a

It provides a fresh experience that your customers never experienced.

For those who run a Japanese restaurant, umeshu goes well with Japanese food, so I think it’s good to put it once.

・Finally about us

There are many unique and rare sake like Umeko. You can give it a try! If there is any Japanese sake you would like to carry in your store, please feel free to contact us!

We also have EC store. You can purchase our original sake at SAKURA TOWN (

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