Meltykiss 30th Anniversary!

Seasonal or limited-edition products have always been loved in Japan.
 Winter limited chocolate Meltykiss where you can taste “snowy mouth”
 Since its launch in 1992, Meltykiss, which has been popular as a standard winter-only chocolate product, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in November this year. 

This time, “Premium Chocolat” where you can enjoy the richness of creamy milk and a refreshing aftertaste, “Fruity Rich Strawberry” that makes use of the original taste of strawberries, and “Hatsumi Matcha” using Hatsumi Matcha from Nishio, Aichi Prefecture. 3 types of lineup.

Since it’s made with cocoa butter – which explains the unique smooth texture of the chocolate – Meltykiss chocolate can only be stored at temperatures lower than 23℃ (73℉) as it will melt completely to liquid at 35℃ (95℉). This means that it’s basically impossible during the hot summer months.That’s why this is a winter limited edition chocolate that you should enjoy before the cold season ends!

Being a winter-only product is what makes Meltykiss chocolate so special.You can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time with a snow-like mouth that can only be experienced in winter, which is unique to Meltykiss.What are your favorite Japanese snacks and sweets in winter?

Have you ever tried Meltykiss chocolate? Let us know what is your favorite flavor 🙂

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us 🙂            See you next time!

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