Looking for the commodity that is only you to handle in your country?

Are you searching for new commodity every day? We are working with many various manufacturers. We are welcomed any items that we have not worked with yet. Please contact with us at first.


We have found some common troubles that you have throughout working with various manufacturers in the world. Below 3 points are frequently asked.

1 Only us want to sell this manufacturer item at our country with an exclusive sales right.

2 Are you selling this manufacturer item to other companies in our country?

3 Are you handling this manufacturer item? (not well known manufacturer)


Everyone is keen on having an exclusive sales right to make any tiny differences from other companies.

There is more, we have this experience. Though the customer has succeeded to contact with the manufacturer, they could not have an enough communication in detail due to different language, and they could not discuss about payment, delivery, new released items, to know if already sold in their country.

And we often receive inquiries from customers with same problems. Customers like with having similar troubles, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

We will remove your worry and have a smooth business with standing between you and the manufacturers. We will discuss and negotiate with the manufacturer directly about an exclusive sales right conditions and selling situation towards other countries.


You can inquire us at here.

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