Importing Japanese style products

Did you know that selling Japanese style products is becoming a massive business all over the world? If youre interested in opening a special website, or shops that deal in merchandise from Japan, please take this opportunity to contact Musuvi Corp.

We are wholesalers and exporters in Japan and our staff are happy to offer free consultations about exporting goods and can suggest products at wholesale prices.

Japanese style products happen to have two main concepts, so please take a look through the descriptions down below.

The first concept would be the patterns and cloth designs that are used to produce Japanese style products, such as clothes, curtains, and miscellaneous products.

Nowadays, as one of the most popular design styles around, recognizable to people all over the world, an enormous amount of products based on these designs are being produced.

Despite the number of products being produced elsewhere, these specific designs originate from Japan. Therefore, if you are interested in importing genuine Japanese style products designed with Japanese sensibility, we have staff who are assigned to these matters who can provide consultations.

What iconic things come to mind when you hear the phrase, traditional products from Japan? Typically, you may think of, paper fans, which are called Sensu, or shoes that are made from wood, as in Geta and, last but not least, Yukata, which are casual Japanese clothes.

Nowadays, the prevalence of products such as tableware, umbrellas and hair accessories, as well as the ones mentioned above, are a huge deal in the trading industry.

A few years ago, Japanese products were not as functional or convenient as they are now.

However, there are a lot of products now that were made with very beautiful and delicate designs, you cannot imagine. If you are interested in purchasing these products for wholesale prices or would like to know further details about the products we handle, please contact us.

Speaking of Japanese style products, have you heard of origami? Literally, Origami is the product of just one piece of colorful paper, but it can change its appearance into various and meticulous shapes. It is as the art of paper folding.

Japanese style products 1

Origami’s history began in Japan, back in the early 20th century, and, in those days, there were not as many toys and games compared to the ones we have in the modern world.

Therefore, children in those days would entertain themselves by playing with

Origami. Nowadays, about 90% of Japanese people are capable of creating cranes with paper, which is one of the most distinctive forms of origami. And a huge number of children in Japan still play with it. Back in the days when origami was becoming a major source of entertainment in Japan, they would purchase two or more pieces of uncolored paper.

However, there are products purchased with colors that are extremely beautiful and delicately designed.

There are a lot of agencies that handle a wide variety of origami at wholesale prices. If you are interested in exporting as well as importing, please feel free to contact us.

We also deal with candles company called Kameyama.

They have various types of Japanese style candles.

Japanese style products 3

Also, you might be interested in these sushi candles.

Japanese style products 2

Kameyama has more interesting candle items.

If you are interested, please visit their website.

We will support you to import Japanese style products such as Kameyama candles.

An enormous amount of products shipped throughout the world with rapidity. When participating in the import business, it is crucial to have the sensitivity to figure out the trends and needs of customers. Or else, having misjudged the right moment for trading, you will end up with tons of leftovers.

However, there are a wide variety of

Japanese style products to purchase, and by combining these products with the theme you have in mind, your company will face a completely brand new and unique field of lineups, compared to those of any other company.

Japanese style products are extremely profound, and there are a lot of opportunities to create products that can offer more prospects for profit.

Musuvi Corp. is an organization that handles products at wholesale prices, as well as exportation.

We get a tremendous amount of inquiries about what sorts of products are being sold, as well as about Japanese products. Without a doubt, it is crucial to collect products that are trendy, but we believe in the importance of being able to foresee what any other company is not willing to sell. In addition, it is also important to import these products and create a trend that has yet to hit the market. It is highly risky to handle products that are still unknown, but we are confident

that this process is the most significant and substantial method to secure success in the retail industry.

In Japanese, Japanese style product is translated as “和物”. The

kanji character, “和” is pronounced as “Wa” which means, “Japanese”. And the character “物” is pronounced “mono”, which means “things”. The traditional “Wa” products we deal in are not traded as much across the market.

So it is our top priority in order to promote these products throughout the world. One factor we have to consider most is, since these products are not well known, they are highly likely to be sold at unaffordable prices.

Actually, some products are overpriced due to their value, some budget items are just overpriced. If you are interested in importing any products you might find amusing, please take the opportunity to contact us.

We will support you every step of the way.

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