Happy New Year From Japan


Happy New Year!!


Did you spend a good New Year?


Today, I would like to introduce an example of Japanese traditional New Year’s.





“Kagami-mochi” is offerings to the god in the New Year because rice cakes have been


considered a sacred food in Japan since ancient times.


The name of Kagami-mochi was derived from its shape, which resembled a mirror in the


ancient days.









Osechi is a traditional meal eaten by many Japanese people on New Year’s Day. There are


many kinds of traditional Japanese dishes in Osechi. There are many kinds of dishes, each


with its own meaning.

For example, ・・・






黒豆” (Kuromame) ”




Kuromame is sweet black soybeans. Eating black beans means staying healthy and strong.








Kazunoko means herring roe in japanese.


Kazunoko is a lot of eggs, so it means “descendants prosperity”.

Other than that, there are more such ingredients for Osechi.




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