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Only available in Japan Online Shopping: JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE × Converse

They were designed in the image of “Jotaro Kujo”, the first Japanese character to appear in “JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE”.  You will be pleased with such  luxurious “Nishijin silk fabrics” on the outside of the shoes, which is a Japanese traditional textile technique.


The arrangement of colors outside of the shoes is navy and gold, which change with the dynamics on how light reflects off them.

They are made as a premium item, based on one of Converse’s staple model, “OX”.

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■ Limitedly sold only through ‘Japan online shopping’.
■ The outside design, “ORAORA” (Japanese「オラオラ」; Jotaro’s famous line in the anime) Jacquard loom, is made out of the special “Nishijin silk fabrics”, which is a Japanese traditional textile technique.
■ Jotaro’s “Hand’s mark” is embroidered on both sides of the heals.
■ Jotaro and STAR PLATINUM are drawn in colors on both sides of the insoles.
■ The original star-shaped metal parts are used for the strings, in the image of “A star-shaped birthmark” that is on Jotaro’s back.
■ The shoes come in a special designed box.
※Please note that the design of the shoes that you will actually see can be different from the ones on this picture, since they are still under development.

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These are the first models that were made as collaborated shoes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Converse.

Even though not so many sizes are available yet, please let us know your size with ‘cm’, from here.

We only have four sizes still available; ‘24.5cm’, ‘26cm’, ’26.5cm’ and ‘27cm’, as of today. (March 20, 2015)

Please calculate your size using this conversion; 1inch=2.54cm.

The prices for both designs (the newly collaborated design and the first collaborated one) are USD$170 per pair.

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