Golden Week Holiday in 2022

Thank you so much for coming and welcoming back to Musuvi blog 😉
Today, we are going to inform you about our Golden Week holiday.

What Golden Week is? It is a collection of four Japanese public holidays within seven days in May. Many of Japanese take long holiday during this week. Here is Musuvi schedule in Golden Week.

May 2nd : A couple of staffs work at the office
May 3rd – May 5th : days off
May 6th : A couple of staffs work at the office
May 7th – May 8th : days off

As I written, A couple of staffs work at the office, we will send you back the reply in 2nd or 6th. Sorry for keeping you wait little longer than usual.

From May 9th, Many maker work as usual, of course Musuvi as well!

Hoping you guys have a great day and stay safe,
Thank you so much,

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