To the people who are opening a number of stalls at events in Europe.

I think that you are having a very busy life now.

Especially a lot of famous events such as Hyper Japan, Japan Expo, comic cons, etc., will be held in Europe so you should be busy attending them.

There are plenty of our clients who are opening stalls as well.
Are you not having trouble that is such as…
*Who do the next shop buying the items from?
*I got inspiration from the lineup of next booth but where can I buy it from?

If you are having stalls but do not know our company, please contact us.
In case you will exhibit the same items as our clients with the same schedule, we may refuse because we will lose clients.
But we have extremely high confidence in “Japan” and “Event”, so if you are having troubles to buy in goods, please contact us.

* Of course, we do not send customer information to our clients and also we will not tell you our customer information.

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