About Tokyo Giftshow and Japanese style products

For customers who wish to but face troubles in joining Giftshow or other exhibitions, please contact us

We had a chance to visit Tokyo Giftshow on February 14th and 15th. Firstly, we could kindly greet our regular Japanese BtoB manufacturers (Such as T’s,YAMANI,Auto Toy,etc) and also have meetings with manufacturers which handle Japanese style products. These meetings were in order to increase more categories for customers who are searching for Japanese style products.
We also had the chance to introduce about our new initiative WTM

We could discuss with many Japanese manufacturers for 2 days at the Tokyo Gift show.
No matter the manufactures who already have relationships with us and unrelated suppliers in business, in the same mind that they want to introduce their products to more people worldwide.

At Musuvi, we have developed two websites in order to assist our clients with various methods. We provide WTM (https://musuvi-wtm.com/jp/)、 as a direct channel between manufacturers and suppliers. And https://www.musubi-jp.com/blog/ is a website to support foreign buyers who have challenges in purchasing products which are only available within Japan.
Please contact us if you felt what you wanted to visit Tokyo Gift show and other exhibitions to discuss about your business, but you couldn’t, or you haven’t had enough time to discuss. We are still searching for more manufacturers of Japanese style products so please feel free to contact us if you would like to import goods such as “Japanese style products”. We will suggest you with the best service.

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