About Musuvi`s Shipping modes

We at Musuvi always aim at providing you with the best cost-perfomance solutions when shipping overseas. Basically we offer two categories: (Never forget: our Incoterms are always EXW until otherwise determined!)


1  Container shipping (sea freight) / Carried out by a logistics company


LCL (Less Container Load)

FCL (Full Container Load)


If you plan to import goods in big amounts, container shipping might help you saving money. In both cases we recommend also using a freight forwarder and customs broker. If you don`t know which logistics company to use, we can introduce you to the one we are always working together.


2  Parcel shipping / Carried out by the Japanese Post


EMS is the abbreviation for “Express Mail Service” and the fastest of our shipping modes. Usual delivery time takes 2-5 days, however the shipping fees are on the expensive side.


SAL stands for Economy Air. It is cheaper than EMS but takes around 1-3 weeks for delivery.


SURFACE MAIL (sea freight) is the third shipping mode by the Japanese Post and as the name says, it is carried out using only trucks and ships. Therefore delivery time is quite slow (1-3 months) but on the other hand the shipping fee is low.


Delivery Fee Delivery Time
EMS expensive 2-5 days
SAL moderate 1-3 weeks
SURFACE MAIL cheap 1-3 months
Container freight Depending on the quantity 1-2 months


If you are not sure which mode of delivery is suitable for you, please don`t hesitate to contact us and we will calculate the different shipping fees to your destination country and give you advice from our experience.


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