A little bit about April in Japan!

April starts tomorrow.
In Japan, April marks the beginning of the school year and the start of the company’s fiscal year. Overseas, we often hear that schools begin in September and companies start their business year in January, but in Japan, begin in April. Students generally graduate in March and start their next school or new employment in April. Many companies also close their books at the end of March and start a new fiscal year in April. Spring is a time of goodbyes as well as a time to make new acquaintances, when many people make a new start.

Why April?
The fiscal year was established in the Meiji period (1886) from April to March, and schools seem to have adapted accordingly. It is said that the reason why the fiscal year is in April has something to do with Japanese agriculture (rice farming) or that it was modeled after the British at that time, but it is not certain.

Cherry blossom season
March and April are also the time when cherry blossoms(sakura) bloom. Perhaps one of the reasons why Japanese people love cherry blossoms is that they are in bloom at the start of new life, such as graduation, entrance into a new school, or joining a new company. Cherry blossoms are not only beautiful, but also create various emotions and memories of parting with acquaintances and meeting new friends for the Japanese.

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