Would you like to import Japanese yukata and become Japanese yukata pioneer.

Would you like to import Japanese yukata?
Summer is coming. People will go to the beach, or go camping for summer vacation.
There are lots of activities.
Fireworks festivals will be held in the summer in Japan, people will wear Japanese yukata and participate in the festival.
The origins of Japanese yukata is made from hemp during the Heian period was called “Yukatabira” or “Katabira”.
At that time the aristocrats were bathing in something like a steam bath such as sauna. So to avoid burns with the hot steam, hide their body and absorb and disperses sweat, they were wearing Yukatabira.
Yukatabira changed the form into after-bath wear then became today’s Japanese yukata for going out.
Recently, Japanese yukata that is unexposed skin is highly appreciated abroad and beautiful Japanese pattern of Japanese yukata is very popular. A lot of people wear Japanese yukata on festivals and events.
Some buyers import cheap yukata from China, but it is a poor quality that is not comparable to Japanese yukata.
Japanese yukata is made of hemp and cotton, absorbs damp and has good ventilation, so it dries quickly and keeps the smooth feeling even if you wear for a long time.
The traditional Japanese yukata is many in white and navy, the reason why white is good for daytime because it reflects heat. The navy blue is worn for the evening because insects dislike the scent of “indigo”.
Because Japanese yukata doesn’t expose your skin, it protects us from ultraviolet rays.
Recently, modern Japanese yukata has been improved for foreigners to wear like normal clothes so even if you do not know how to dress, you can do it.
Why don’t you import as a pioneer even if there are still few importers abroad?
Let’s import Japanese yukata which Japanese pearls of wisdom created in a humid environment and become a pioneer.

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