You can make original goods with popular Japanese anime characters!

Today I would like to introduce “Licensing Japan”.

Have you ever heard of Licensing Japan?
Licensing Japan is the largest licensing trade show in Japan, where all kinds of characters and brands from around the world exhibit.

The overwhelming majority of licensees will be from the product departments of manufacturers and retailers, as well as advertising agencies and the media industry.
Matching services to facilitate business negotiations are also available for efficient business meetings.

Exhibited Products

CharacterOriginal characters, animation characters, cartoon characters, picture book characters, game characters, movie/TV characters etc.
Brand/trademark/logoTrademarks and logo marks for fashion brands, corporate brands, sports brands, and other products (e.g., automobiles, beverages, food products, electronics, magazines, etc.)
Art/DesignArt, illustration, graphic design, painting, fine art photography, traditional Japanese culture (Ukiyoe) etc.
EntertainmentAnimation, TV programs, movies, music, videos, games, mobile applications, social games etc.
PublicationsComics, picture books, books, magazines etc.
Sports/Talent/Organization PropertiesVarious sports organizations, teams, mascots, talents, artists, schools, emblems, tourist facilities, NPOs, local governments etc.
OtherTrademark management support, commercialization and OEM services etc.


Product development and planning for manufacturers and wholesalersToys, sundries, stationery, apparel, accessories, household goods, food and beverages, beauty products, sporting goods, electronics, amusement etc.
Retailers who want to introduce property to the sales floorDepartment stores, GMS, character stores, general merchandise stores, convenience stores, apparel chains, bookstores, stationery stores, home centers, mail order etc.
Entertainment-related companiesTV stations, film companies, publishing companies, game companies, music companies, mobile phone/web content production companies etc.
Advertising, promotion and novelty relatedAdvertising agencies, corporate advertising and sales promotion departments, printing companies, schools, local governments etc.

Characters and brands from all over the world will be exhibited!

Licensing Japan


The exhibition is held within “Contents Tokyo,” Japan’s largest comprehensive contents business exhibition, and since it covers a variety of genres, it is a place where new forms of contents and business are born.
You can have direct business discussions with visitors who have specific issues to be addressed, so there is a very high possibility that your exhibit will lead to the acquisition of orders.
The exhibition is held only once every half year, so you don’t want to miss out on one of the few opportunities.

Exhibit Advantages

  • New genres can be explored every half year.
  • Simultaneous holding of various exhibitions allows business meetings with all industries.
  • Increased exposure can lead to branding

This is an introduction to “Licensing Japan”!


We have business dealings with a wide variety of manufacturers and can provide not only wholesale of existing products but also OEM and PB production.
In recent years, the market has been flooded with products, and price wars have become inevitable for popular products.

This alone will differentiate you from your competitors, but we can also meet the needs of those who want to further differentiate themselves from their competitors and create one-of-a-kind products that only your company can sell worldwide.

We can also license anime characters such as Hatsune Miku and Naruto, which are now popular all over the world.
We can be flexible in terms of production lots depending on the product to be manufactured and the manufacturer, so please feel free to contact us if there is a character or product you are interested in.

Our company can make proposals that other companies cannot.

We can help you grow your business with original, limited edition Japanese character merchandise.

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So, please look forward to my next blog!

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