What makes Chain Saw Man so popular?

Have you seen the latest popular anime ” Chainsaw Man “? If you have not seen it, you must have heard of the most topical anime nowadays. Let me introduce about this one of the most highly anticipated anime of 2022!

Chainsaw Man is a dark hero action manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, which has sold more than 16 million copies of its comics. The story is set in a world where “demons” infest everyday life, and the main character, a boy named Denji, who has the power to transform into a “chainsaw demon,” is picked up by Makima, a woman in the Public Security Bureau and becomes a devil hunter for the Public Security Bureau.

As the serialization of Chainsaw Man in Weekly Shonen Jump came to an end, it was announced that the second part would be serialized in Jump+ and that it would be adapted into an anime. It was said that the story would be too short to be completed in only 10 volumes, but it was unexpectedly continued in the form of a second part and an anime adaptation. Expectations are high for the future development of this work.

It is said that the work “Chainsaw Man” is not very Jump-like. It is grotesque, but also has many moving depictions, and it has moved and shocked JUMP readers. Here is the synopsis of “Chainsaw Man”.

Denji is a young boy who has been cheated and lives a life of poverty, covered in debt.
He somehow survived while working as a devil hunter with Pochita, a chainsaw demon, but one day he was targeted by a cruel demon…?

Chainsaw Man takes place in the present day when monsters called demons to threaten people. The main character, Denji, is able to transform into a chainsaw demon through a contract with his pet and best friend, Pochita. This is the story of Denji, who has acquired the power of a demon, and his growth as he defeats numerous assassins with the Devil Hunters of the Public Security Bureau.

On the 11th, the TV anime aired. Important characters who are related to the root of the story have begun to appear in Chainsaw Man. It is sure to continue to attract many people with its unpredictable developments and unique TV animation effects.

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