What is Setsubun?

Have you ever heard ” Setsubun” ?
Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring. Since demons appear at the turn of the season, an event is held to drive away the demons. Originally, Setsubun was turning point of the season, and there were four days a year, the day before spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
In the lunar calendar, the New Year began in spring, so Spring Setsubun (around February 3) was New Year’s, and this day was the most important.
Therefore, speaking of Setsubun, it was February 3rd.


On Setsubun day, we sow beans. It is believed that soybeans have the power of amulets and that demons can be driven away by throwing roasted beans at them. When driving away the demons, we sow beans and says, “Oni is outside, Fuku is inside.”


It is customary to eat Ehomaki on Setsubun day. Ehomaki is sushi made by wrapping 7 kinds of ingredients and vinegared rice with seaweed. On the day of Setsubun, it is said that it is auspicious to eat Ehomaki silently while facing Eho (the direction in which God is).


There are bean-throwing events all over Japan, why don’t you experience bean-throwing when you come to Japan.
We hope that Corona will calm down and you can come to Japan soon‼

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