What is Kawaii?

Nowadays, the word “Kawaii” is getting popular all over the world.

Most of people who know this word know the meaning of Kawaii
However, If I ask them to explain it, I think it is too difficult. Even Japanese people can not do that well.

If you look up in a dictionary, you can find a word “Cute”. It is true, but I do not think it is explained enough. Kawaii means cute, yet it has deeper meaning.

The word is used for not only people but also fashion and sweets etc. It can be used for anything.

Everyone has different definition for Kawaii because it is the word which express positive feeling.

Now you know the difference of Kawaii and cute.

Kawaii expresses people’s feeling and Cute expresses perception. It is really depend on the person if they think it’s cute or not when they find something. “Kawaii” is something you discover, not something you are forced to do by someone else.

I have never searched about the meaning of a word deeply, but it made me like Japanese word more because I can feel Japanese humble culture from it.

Thank you.

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