To traders who gift Japan products to subscribers as monthly delivery.


Are you engaged in the business that regularly import goods from Japan on monthly basis for your ‘GIFT’’ subscribers? Are you not happy with your purchase price of your goods and the product lineups offered by your current suppliers?

Or are you spending too much time thinking of what products you should pick for every month GIFT to your subscribers?

Do you think it would greatly help you if you would have much wider variety of choices for your monthly selection?

Nowadays, we frequently receive a lot of inquiries from Japanese goods importers who are:

-Delivering only Japanese products to its customers every month

-Delivering monthly gift box to its subscribers (The Gift box consists of all Japanese goods and the subscribers will know what goods are inside the box only when they get the box delivered.)


We are now offering our broad product lineups to these businesses all over the world.

If your business is currently experiencing any inconvenience in obtaining products from Japan, we a re ready to offer you the following values:

1) Rare Japanese goods that no other company can supply but only us

2) Lower price than any other suppliers (the price will depend on your order volume)

3) Every month we can suggest/supply different Japanese goods from great choices

4) We will send you update about new products (Pre-Order items) info of multiple makers much prior to their actual production. With this, you may order/secure any large quantity of the product you wish.

5) Upon your request, we also send product recommendation every month


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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