Tatami is one of the unique and peculiar Japanese cultures, whose origin dates back from a long time ago.  Originally, tatami was just tied up with some straws but it got closer to the present thick one in Heian-era, when it started to require the standardization of the sizes.


The resilience when you lay down on it, or the unique smell of the straw, fascinate Japanese people, and even people from overseas, immediately!

Such unique and popular tatami have now been exported to over 40 countries in the world and charm tatami-lovers!

Why don’t you feel tatami’s ‘special healing effect’, when you visit Japan?


If anybody think,

‘I want it but we don’t have enough room for that at home…’

‘It’s too expensive to buy…”  

We can also provide you with a thinned-typed tatami, called ‘Goza’ as well.  You can even wind it when you store it in.

That way, you can enjoy tatami easily and comfortably!

You can purchase it through online shopping overseas but I know they’re extremely expensive.

If you would like it with the same price sold in Japan, please contact us from here.

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