Summer Chocolate Shipping.

During the summer months (Beginning of May through End of October) 

MUSUVI must use special shipping methods for chocolate in order to maintain quality standards.

Our products are shipped through post office or a forwarder in non-refrigerated trucks,
and as a result chocolate bars can melt during summer shipments.

Products can not be shipped on ice and are therefore we don’t recommend to ship during this period of time.

We recommend shipping by Air.

Shipping address:

We recommend that you ship your chocolate to an address where someone will be available to accept your shipment.
We are not responsible for packages left outside after delivery where chocolate may melt.


While we will make every attempt to ensure your order arrives without melting, we make no guarantees.
If you choose to place an order for chocolate products between May and October or
if the temperature in your region is above 28 degrees, you do so at your own risk.

These shipping details apply during the summer months and may not apply to voluntary insulated shipping
during the rest of the year.

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