Sanrio Characters: What’s your favorite?

Sanrio characters. It reminds us of our young ages when we were obsessed with their cuteness!


The result was released on June 12. Here is the ranking!!

  1. Cinnamoroll
  2. Pompompurin

Furthermore, there are different rankings depending on the country

・United States

  1. Cinnamoroll
  3. Pompompurin

・United Kingdom

  1. Pompomprin
  3. Cinnamoroll


  1. Cinnamoroll
  2. Yoshikitty
  3. Pompompurin


  2. Cinnamoroll
  3. Aggretsuko

If you want to check your country’s ranking, visit their website 😉

Other Characters

Each country has different results, but Cinnamoroll, KUROMI, and Pompompurin are quite popular all over the world!!

Personally, it was unexpected that Yoshikitty is popular abroad! Yosikitty was in the top 3 in Italy, Germany, France, Australia, and Thailand.

Probably, those countries have a lot of Yosiki fans lol. Out of all the characters that Sanrio has to offer, what is your favorite? My favorite one is KUROMI. I liked Cinnamoroll when I was a kid though.
I asked my mom to surprise me with a Cinnamoroll knitting machine toy as a birthday gift and I loved it! Couldn’t be happier haha

I used to use the toy and made some scarves haha. It was super easy. You just need to turn the lever. I like Sanrio because they have so many kinds of toys and plush toys. I used to correct them.

Especially, Pompompurin, KUROMI, My Melody, Pochacco, and Hello Kitty are very popular. Their new goods such as plush toys are released every month. You should check them if you haven’t

Also, Sanrio is currently collaborating with Sailor Moon. Their collaborated goods are not released yet, but I guess they will! I can’t wait! Here is a link for you to know more regarding the ranking!

If you have other things you would like to know more about whether it is about Sanrio Characters or not, please contact us here!

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