Special items for enjoying Japanese Sake vol.1

Do you know the items to enjoy Japanese sake?
This time I introduce special items for enjoying Japanese Sake

Ochoko and Tokkuri
(Sake cup and Sake bottle)

Sake bottle and Sake cup
(Left:Tokkuri Right:Ochoko)

“Tokkuri” is a sake set with a thin neck and a bulging bottom, and is used to pour sake into a sake cup. There are various theories about the etymology, but it is said that the name comes from the fact that it makes a noise when pouring sake.
“Ochoko” is a small bowl used when drinking sake. There is no clear definition, but it is generally called “a size that can hold a sip of sake”. It is the perfect sake set for slowly tasting sake.

Ochoko and Tokkuri come in a variety of raw materials and designs, and it is very good to use them properly depending on the type of sake and how you drink it.

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How was the “Special items for enjoying Japanese Sake”?
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