Sparkling Sake You Can’t Miss

5 best sparkling sake you can’t miss



2,Dassai Junmai Daiginjo sparkling/獺祭 純米大吟醸 スパークリング




1, BUBBLE/バブル

Bubble is a new product for 2022 and sold only in the SAKURA TOWN online store.
The unique feature of this online store is that you can choose the sake according to the occasion you want to drink.
This sake online store is recommended for those who want to buy sake but are not sure which sake is right for them.
This is a very interesting online site with other unique and rare sake for sale.

It is a superb sparkling sake with a tasty sake flavor and an unrivaled acidity that is moderately sweet on the palate,
as well as the freshness and comfort of sparkling sake.
For parties, dates, and various other occasions.
Chill well and enjoy straight up in a wine glass.

2, Dassai Junmai Daiginjo sparkling/獺祭 純米大吟醸 スパークリング

“Dassai’s sparkling sake” is said to have sparked the sake boom. The carbonated bubbles produced by secondary fermentation in the bottle are as fine and soft on the palate as champagne.
This nigori sake is made from Yamada-Nishiki rice, which is a rice suitable for sake brewing, and the sweetness and umami of the rice can be fully appreciated.

3, Mio/澪

“Mio” has an impressive slim design and a classy, clean blue bottle.
This sparkling sake is gaining popularity for its beautiful bubbles and sweet, fruity, muscat-like aroma.
The alcohol content is moderate at about 5%. Even those who do not like sake can easily drink it.

4, Suzune/すず音

“Suzune” is a sparkling sake with an eye-catching soft green bottle.
It is made by secondary fermentation in the bottle, the same method used to make champagne, so you can enjoy fine, delicate bubbles.
The bubbles burst, filling your mouth with a refreshing flavor.

5, Nene/ねね

“Nene” is a sparkling sake with a stylish deep green bottle and label design.
The natural and gentle bubbling caused by secondary fermentation in the bottle is pleasant and recommended for those who are new to sparkling sake.

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