Japanese Sake

Road to Japanese Sake Master(about temperature setting)

Japanese Sake
Japanese Sake

Do you like cold drinks? Or is it a warm drink?
Coffee and tea are delicious regardless of how you drink them.
In fact, you can also enjoy Japanese Sake at various temperatures.
It is common in Japan to warm and drink alcohol.

From now on, I introduce them by temperature of Japanese Sake.

Cold patern↓

About 5℃(41℉) It’s named “Yuki Hie”.
Yuki means “snow’ in Japanese.
So It is cold like snow.

A state in which the liquor bottle has been cooled and condensation has formed on the surface of the liquor bottle. The aroma is not very strong, and the cold taste of sake can make it difficult to understand the delicacy of the taste.

About 10℃(50℉) It’s named “Hana Hie”.
This represents a chilly time even though the cherry blossoms are about to bloom.

Cool the liquor bottle in the refrigerator, and the coldness is transmitted from the bottle. Immediately after pouring, the scent that feels weak gradually spreads as you drink. Delicate taste.

About 15℃(59℉) It’s named “Suzu Hie”.
It’s means cool temperature.

It’s been a while since I took the liquor bottle out of the refrigerator. When I drank it, I felt a clear coldness. I feel the gorgeousness of the aroma and the thickness of the taste.

About 20℃(68℉) It’s “room temperature/normal temperature”.

This fits all Japanese Sake.
If you want to feel the original taste of the sake, start from this temperature!

It feels like you can feel a little cold when you have a profit. Impression that the scent and taste are soft. This temperature is the temperature of the soil in a Japanese house.

Warm and Hot patern↓

About 30℃(86℉) It’s “Hinata Kan”.
Hinata is under the sun.
It is a little lower than the human body temperature.

A temperature that does not feel hot or cold when you drink it. The aroma of sake stands out and the taste becomes smooth.

About 35℃(95℉) It’s “Hitohada Kan”.
Hitohada means human skin in Japanese.
This is exactly the same as a person’s body temperature.

The temperature at which you feel “slimy” when you drink. Enjoy the nice aroma of rice and jiuqu for a light taste.

About 40℃(104℉) It’s “Nuru Kan”.
The impression is about the same as body temperature, which makes you feel “warm” rather than hot when you drink it. The aroma of sake is the richest, and you can feel the swelling in the taste.

About 45℃(113℉) It’s “Jyou Kan”.
I feel a little hot when I have a sake bottle or a sake bottle. When you pour sake, you get steam. The aroma of sake is firm, and the taste is soft and firm.

About 50℃(122℉) It’s “Atsu Kan”.
Steam rises from the sake bottle. It feels hot to have a sake bottle or a sake bottle. The aroma of sake becomes sharp and dry.

The higher the temperature, the stronger the scent of Japanese Sake, and the stronger the alcohol feels.

About 55℃(131℉) It’s “Tobikiri Kan”.
It’s not that I can’t have a sake bottle or a sake bottle, but I feel quite hot right after I have it. The aroma of sake becomes stronger and it becomes dry.

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