Pokemon’s New Game

Pokemon’s new game is going to be released! How exciting is that for Pokemon lovers!?

The release of this Pokemon’s new game was actually decided years ago. However, due to Covid-19, the announcement of the release date had to be postponed till a couple of days ago. And now the moment for all Pokemon lovers have been waiting for, the release date of the game is…

NOVEMBER 18th, 2022 (In Japan)

Oh my goodness it’s coming out this year!! I bet you for all the fans out there are excited about this!

Two games are going to be released and one is called the “Pocket Monster Scarlet” and the other one is called “Pocket Monster Violet”. The preorders are going to start soon so if you are interested better check that out too! Click here for more information!

In addition, if you want more information regarding kawaii products or other Japan-made products, feel free to contact us anytime! We are more than happy to help you figure out things 🙂

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