Plum, Peach, Japanese cherry blossom – Flowers of Spring in Japan

Hello April, time file so fast and spring is in the air.

When we talk about blooming flower in spring, Japanese cherry blossom (Sakura:桜) may be the first impression to pop into your head, but actually the signs of coming spring is not only Sakura because Plum flower (Ume:梅) and Peach (Momo:桃) are also blooming with similar pink in the springtime.

Due to these trees are extremely alike even Japanese people have a hard time telling them apart, so we would like to tell you how to distinguish them in order to enjoy Japan’s spring scenery.

Although they are all part of Prunus genus but these three trees are not blooming at the same time. Plum blossoms come at the earliest around mid-February, followed by Peach in mid-March and then Japanese cherry blossom from late March to early April ,however their blooming patterns can be changed every year due an unusually weather and heavy rain which can make the petals falling down earlier than usual.

Please see the below picture. Did you notice any difference?


Plum blossoms individually and have no stem. Peach blossoms have short stems, with two flowers sprouting from roughly the same position and finally, Japanese cherry blossoms have the longest stems, with multiple-flower. Other than blossom is that the key distinctions, the color of petals can also be a clue as to the flower’s identity.

Even though, they are different types of flowers but I’m sure you will enjoy all of spring flower viewing in Japan !

Have a nice day 🙂

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