Mario Strikers

The New Mario game series ” Mario Strikers: Battle League “ will be launched on June 10th, 2022 (In Japan).
It is the third game of Mario Striker’s series, which will be released for the first time in 15 years.

Gamers knew Mario Sports Game is not just another ” Sports Game “.
Unique and unusual gameplay usability like using special moves and a variety of item items to block opposing teams is one of the most attractive points of Mario Sports Game.

”Martial arts” × “Soccer” = New ruleless sports, ”Strike” has kicked off!
This is a slogan in Japan Nintendo wrote.

Bob-omb, Red, and Green Shell are well-known as block items.
Team tackle is one of the techniques to assist teammates and block the opposing teams.
The hyper strike is a special move when a player gets an exceptional item S-orb on the ground.

Mario Strikers – specific Game system and creativity like putting gear for power up on characters and forming own team make players excited.

Many makers launch and re-launch related goods at the same time that game is released. Popular makers are manufacturing lovely products one after another to follow the trend.
Most players would like to form a strong team, but there are some players who prefer a team with only their favorite characters.
Have you ever wished to feel your favorite character nearby?
It is impossible to meet up with the character, however, character products like plush toys might fulfill your wish.

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