“Kinro Kansha no Hi ”  Japanese Holiday

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Along with introducing one of the national holidays Japan has in our previous blog, here is another national holiday that is just around the corner that I would like to share with you guys.

What is “Kinro Kansha no Hi”?

“Kinro Kansha no Hi” is written as “勤労感謝の日” in Japanese, which directly translates into “Labor Thanksgiving Day” and it is celebrated on the 23rd of November every year. Similarly to other thanksgiving days around the world, this national holiday is connected to the autumn harvest. However, Kinro Kansha no Hi has an element included of being a day dedicated to the workers and laborers that keep the country “Japan” operating.

Origin of “Kinro Kansha no Hi”

At this point, we all know now what Kinro Kansha no Hi celebrates but what is the origin of this national holiday? Well, it is said that this holiday was originated from a festival called Niiname-sai “新嘗祭” which is a celebration to express gratitude for a huge harvest.
At the Niiname-sai the following events were being held:
​・Feel the blessings of crops
​・Offer one’s crops to the gods
​・Be eaten by the Emperor
​Therefore, the origin of Labor Thanksgiving Day was not originally intended to give thanks to the workers but to celebrate the harvest of crops.

​This is described in Nihon Shoki, a history book of Japan and it is said that it is a traditional event that has been passed down in the Imperial Family since ancient times.

This national holiday is coming up next Monday and why not use the day to relax and take care of your body?

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