Japanese White Day

What is White Day in Japan?
White Day in Japan is essentially a second Valentine’s Day, and men give women gifts just as they were given gifts on Valentine’s Day a month before. Of all the Japanese celebrations, White Day may just be the most looked forward to by women!

What are White Day Sweets?
Since marshmallows were the origin of White Day, fluffy white sweets are considered desirable. Among these, cookies are one of the most popular White Day treats, and in March, colorful packages filled with cute shaped cookies adorn store shelves. White chocolate is also popular, and in recent years, a variety of other confections have been making a splash in the White Day shopping season.

If you too happen to visit Japan in March, you might enjoy experiencing this uniquely Japanese White Day custom. And if you do, don’t forget to prepare some White Day sweets for your loved ones!
Have a wonderful White Day!

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