“Japanese Style” Valentine

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You know what event we have on February 14th?
I guess almost all people can answer of my question I wrote down below.
It is one of the lovely day “Valentine day” !

I have one more question, do you know ‘ Japanese style ‘ Valentine day?
I did not know our Valentine day is different from the other countries until I went foreign country as study abroad. So I would like to share you all how different it is!

1. What do we do in Valentine day?
Japanese girl makes chocolate for the boy who she is into, and present it to tell her sweet message ‘ I love you ‘.
We call like this chocolate ‘ Honmei choco’. This chocolate is really special.
Japanese girls give it to their partner or the person who they love.
For my experience, this is traditional style of Japanese Valentine day.
But recently, new style is getting born.

2.New style of Japanese Valentine day
I explained Honmei choco easily, so I am going to write down new style chocolates here!
*Giri choco : this is also major chocolate, this is just like present for boy to thank (without any special feeling, just thanks)
*Tomo choco : this is the chocolate for friends ( Tomo means friend in Japanese)
*Gyaku choco : Boy present chocolate to girl who he is into as message ‘ I love you ‘.

Finally, maker’s promotion was the reason why Japanese present chocolate on Valentine day. but this is one of guess, so every Japanese are not sure exact reason.
Spending and Enjoying this lovely day is very different, It should be depends on the person. There are traditional style in each country, so it must be fine to enjoy it, you can also try new style like Japanese ones.
You have many choices, so please pick your favorite one 😉

I really hope you have great Valentine day with your love ones in 2021!

Thank you so much for reading my message,
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