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Japanese Snacks June New Product Ranking Top 5👑

Discover the charms of Japan-only sweets! Introducing the top 5 new products for June!

J a p a n e s   S n a c k s

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Did you know that Japanese snacks are popular all over the world?

The Japanese snack food market is constantly evolving, with new flavors and unique products attracting consumers from all over the world.

June is the season when new products are released one after another all over Japan🤩

If you want to keep up with the latest trends, be sure to check out this article. Add new popular items to your store and delight your customers:)


Product name: Koikeya Lunch Pie Delicious Pizza 33g

Manufacturer: Koikeya

Content : 33g


Shelf life: 8 months


Crisply baked in the oven, the buttery pie crust encases a pizza-flavored filling made with tasty tomatoes, cheese and spices!🍕🧀


Product name: RIBON 9 pieces 100% fruit juice frozen sorbet

Manufacturer: RIBON

Content : 9 Sticks


Shelf life: 300 days


A stick-type sherbet that you can freeze and enjoy on a hot day!

100% rich and delicious fruit juice
Enjoy the rich taste that is juicy and full of fruit juice!

Grape, mandarin orange, and pineapple are classic flavors that are perfect for hot days!


Product name: Furuta Boonboomger BIG Can Badge Candy

Manufacturer: Furuta

Content : 1 piece


Shelf life: 365 days


The large badges feature cool illustrations of Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger!

There are 12 types of badges in total!


Product name: Koikeya Lunch Pie Clam chowder 33g

Manufacturer: Koikeya

Content : 33g


Shelf life: 240 days


Crisply baked in the oven, buttery pie crust is wrapped in creamy clam chowder-flavored filling packed with the delicious flavor of clams!


Product name: YBC Aerial Sour Cream Onion Flavor 65g

Manufacturer: YBC

Content : 65g


Shelf life: 270 days


From “Aerial,” a four-layered corn snack made using YBC’s unique manufacturing method, comes the “Sour Cream Onion Flavor,” an addictive, rich flavor of deep, mellow sour cream and savory onions!

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