Don’t know what kind of meal goes well with Japanese sake?
You think all Japanese sake are all the same, don’t you?

If you have such an image, you should definitely read this blog till the end.
You will see a brand-new world of Japanese sake.

Do you know that there is a lot of different kinds of Japanese sake?

They have been passed down for centuries. It is said that brewing of Japanese sake have started about 2,000 years ago which is the same time as introducing of rice firming to Japan. Today, there are more than 1,400 sake breweries in Japan. Sake with such a long history is loved by many people as the best “meal companion” that “makes a meal stand out”, and is sometimes treated as holy thing.

Then, what exactly is “genuinely delicious Japanese sake” particularly among those?

What is “genuinely delicious Japanese sake”?
To tell you the truth, it is quite difficult to find good-quality Japanese sake even if you live in Japan.
Sake is very delicate drink, which it must be kept out of the air as much as possible, away from light, and stored at a constant low temperature. , sake that retains its original taste.
There are few groceries or liquor stores that display their sake with such care even in Japan.

Have you ever tasted and compared different kinds of Japanese sake?

Where you say a single word “Japanese sake”, it covers a very rich variety of flavors; ones are so sweet as fruits that you can’t believe they are made from rice only, another one is made exclusively for hot sake which is called “Atsukan” (Japanese sake is delicious even when it’s warmed).

Apart from them, there are “low-alcohol sake”, which is brewed with an alcohol content of about 8%, and “sparkling sake” which is fizzy one. Low-alcohol sake and sparkling sake are the most popular items in the inquiries we receive regarding the export of sake.

All of the types of sake mentioned above are available at our company.

What we can do

We are highly regarded for our fast delivery speed which is necessary to keep their quality.

Properly stored and transported sake is surprisingly transparent, and if you don’t have a good image of sake, it will surely change it.

At our company, we provide accurate advice on various problems from liquor stores, wholesalers, and retailers that currently handle sake, and we also provide products that meet your needs for those who are considering handlings sake in the future. Whether you have a specific product in mind or would like to ask us for a recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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