How do you guys spend the April Fool’s Day?

エイプリルフールで各アニメサイトがエラいことになってる。 - びーきゅうらいふ!

Hello everyone!! How are you doing? We hope nothing happens to you guys:)

Anyway, we would like to talk about the April Fool’s Day today.
How do you spend April Fool’s Day? What kind of prank do you play?
Probably in most countries, you would be able to play a prank on someone in the morning. From afternoon, you have to tell the truth to someone that you played a prank on.

I’d like to tell you some interesting Japanese jokes.

”New release of “Drink! Pizza potato” which will make your pizza potato life great!!

Pizza potato charge anytime and anywhere (^ ω ^)

No calories because only smoke.
No calories because it doesn’t take up too much space in the bag.
Zero calories because guilt outweighs satisfaction.”

This is what Calbee tweeted on Twitter. It is a product that is likely to be released

“The beginning of the impact in 2018.
# Fanta vegetable series, started.

The first is # Fanta-bell pepper!
Boring! Green pepper extract!

100 people will get a present of Fanta-bell pepper now!”

This is what Fanta tweeted on Twitter. I don’t think I’ll ever buy it if it goes on sale.

How was it? Please tell me if there are any interesting jokes in your country:)

Thank you very much for reading our blog to the end!!
Have a good day!!

From all the staff of MUSUVI Inc.

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